Internal Audit And Risk Advisory

Internal Audit And Risk Advisory

A key focus area for the Firm has been providing Internal Audit and Risk Advisory Services to businesses. Internal audits provide the freedom and room for creativity to solve a particular problem in an effective manner to add value to the entire process. Bathiya has a dedicated team working predominantly on internal audits and risk advisory services to many Indian listed and large unlisted entities.

As a non-attest function, the Risk Advisory function thrives on adding value to a client process or concern. The team brings to table the experience of working with businesses, thereby avoiding reinventing-the-wheel for a peculiar concern. As processes proceed business growth, a robust Internal Audit function goes a long way in managing growth of entities that are on poised on their growth trajectory.

To know more about our Internal Audit and Risk Advisory service offering, feel free to write to Umesh Lakhani ( or Ravneet Kaur (

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