About Us

About Us

The differentiated idea of Bathiya is the cohesive team that enables businesses achieve their potential to the fullest. The service delivery platform is orchestrated by a passionate group of like-minded professionals, each of whom possess expert domain skills and are glued together since decades towards the relentless pursuit of delivering ethical professional services.


The cumulative wealth of decades of experience of its Leaders is what enables Bathiya mature into a full-service professional services firm. With every engagement being a partner-led offerring, the ability of and dependency on the Leaders at Bathiya is of critical importance.


The Firm is consciously and strategically spread in physical operations at multiple cities and national states with a view to understand the nuances of that geography in detail, provide better hands-on services to its client and also to ensure a better work-life balance for its team-members. This multi-locational, integrated matrix approach coupled with access to a trained and experienced team enables the Firm to execute complex assignments and provide effective solutions. Our present team is spear-headed by below practice Leaders and ably supported by a large pool of professionals.


“Enabling Commerce through holistic solutions and integrated expertise.”


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our values and culture

Ethics to the Core The core differentiator at Bathiya is the uncompromising approach towards being Ethical. The approach flows from the Leaders and is deep ingrained into the ethos of what Bathiya stands for. It is what we are proud of and it is what allowed us to run a marathon for last four decades. Having embarked our journey from an era of no computers, not even calculators, no accounting standards and no third-party regulators into today's technology-enabled, highly-regulated and technical era, the constant has constantly been the unflinching way of doing things with 'Ethics to the Core'. 'Ethics to the Core' has enabled Bathiya to redefine the existing way of doing the practice of accountancy and having a razor-sharp focus on doing what works best in the interest of all stakeholders. Easier said than done, the 'Ethics to the Core' way of doing things meant saying 'No' to almost all the traditional areas of accountancy practice. Looking back, these 'No's have set the right expectations with our clients and helped us continue with the right set of clients. Our practice verticals have modelled around this strategy and has enabled Bathiya to be a Knowledge-based and Research-oriented firm. 'A Professional is one whose works does not review from another.' Client-centred Culture We are only as good as the tangible value we add to our clients and their businesses. The culture at Bathiya revolves arounds its clients and efficiently working towards providing effective solutions to our clients. Enhancing the long-term competitive edge of our clients at marketplace is what we strive for.