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Assurance – Practice Profile

Assurance Practice at Bathiya

Todays globalized market-place and access to public markets warrant a strong and independent assurance regime. Bathiya has been actively involved in many independent audit and internal audit engagements. With specialized teams and partners for each of Independent Audits and Internal Audits, the focus on each of these sub-verticals is maintained and monitored constantly. The growth of Indian companies and their proximity to domestic and international capital markets further enhances the need for an Independent Audit. The Assurance practice at Bathiya houses:

  • Independent Audit: Statutory requirements under various laws and regulations in India require an Independent Audit of the Financial Statements of any entity. Bathiya is actively engaged in providing assurance services for listed companies, private companies, public companies, limited liability partnerships, bank SBU, trusts, partnerships, etc.


  • Accounting & Reporting: Accounting and Reporting is required across businesses and sectors. The complexities surrounding accounting and the technology that goes alongwith has only increased. Bathiya has over the years been actively engaged in providing outsourced accounting and reporting services for Indian and International clients.
  • Internal Audit & Risk Advisory: A key focus area for the Firm has been providing Internal Audit and Risk Advisory Services to its clients. Internal audits provide the freedom and room for creativity to solve a particular problem in a effective manner to add value to the entire process. Bathiya has a dedicated team working predominantly on internal audits and risk advisory services to many Indian listed and unlisted entities.
  • Multi-GAAP reporting: Until such time the globe mover to a unified accounting language, it is important for entities to convert and reconcile the financial performance across various different GAAP. Bathiya has been regularly assisting its clients into conversions from and to Indian GAAP, IND-AS, IFRS, USGAAP, Japanese GAAP, etc. The Firm is also actively engaged in assisting Indian companies in their endeavour to prepare and report as per IFRS\IND-AS.