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About Us

We are an Indian professional services firm of Chartered Accountants having offices at Mumbai, Thane, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Vadodara dedicated to effectively serving Indian and International businesses for more than three decades. Bathiya & Associates LLP ('Bathiya') takes pride in being a full-service, multi-disciplinary firm having a strong knowledge-driven and research-based approach for providing effective solutions to its clients.

A client-centric obsession with a penchant for knowledge, has enabled Bathiya to proudly be a part of many positive 'firsts' that have occurred in the Indian backdrop over the years. Our founder, Shailesh Haridas Bathiya started his accountancy practice in 1979 as a solo practitioner, which today has grown into a competitive team of 13 multi-skilled core partners who are ably supported by a team of efficient and responsive managers and assistants. With an intimate close-knit team, Bathiya, is today one of India's full-service, multi-locational accounting firm.

The Firm has over the years capitalised on its knowledge-driven and research-based approach to provide an entire gamut of professional services within a single umbrella.

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